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About Huyser

Resistor specialist

Technical company Huyser is specialised in resistors. We manufacture shunts, sensors, wire resistors, resistor arrays and Pt 100 simulators. We can accommodate a wide variety of applications and client specifications. Thanks to our flexibility, we can supply both small orders and larger series.

Huyser has everything under one roof.

Huyser has a production department with cutting-edge computerised winding machines. We have the following machines available in our mechanical workshop:

  • Laser cutting machine
  • CNC milling machine
  • Orbital laser machine

Our unique conditioned measuring chamber with:

  • Measuring microscope
  • DCC Resistance Bridge
  • Calibrated DMMs
over huyser

 ''We have our own conditioned measuring chamber with extremely accurate and calibrated measuring equipment for resistance measurements''

Huyser supplies fast

From client request to prototype: we can deliver in several days. We map the client’s wishes and product specifications and use these to create a prototype as quickly as possible. We then work with the client to develop the prototype into a fully-fledged end product that is ready for production immediately.

Huyser creates, tests and checks.

Our people are closely involved with production. We carry out checks and tests during the production process. The 100% final check allows us to guarantee the excellent quality of our products.


Technical company Huyser was established in 1953 in Rotterdam-Overschie. The company initially produced simple resistor elements for warming up cigar boxes. It wasn’t long before Huyser moved to the Hoogstraat in Schiedam. Due to expansion of the production department, the company started searching for larger premises in 1986. The Dam in Schiedam was the perfect choice. The current location at the James Wattweg in Vlaardingen became our base in 1996. Huyser has evolved into a manufacturer of quality products over the years. Huyser has an excellent reputation in the Netherlands and abroad.

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