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diensten draadweerstanden

Wire resistors

We manufacture both load resistors and precision resistors at the client’s specification. These resistors are also available in a low-induction version.

diensten shunts


Shunts are weak resistors used for measuring currents. Special versions of these shunts are available for measuring alternating currents in complex production processes or in combination with power meters.

diensten sensoren


Sensors very accurately measure temperature, temperature differences, or gas and liquid flows. These sensors are suitable for various applications, from medical equipment to applications for the food industry.


Resistors for safe rail traffic

Huyser resistors are used in the Netherlands Railways ATC system. This train control system helps the train driver to duly reduce speed in case of railway signals.


The core of the mass flow meters by Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

Huyser is responsible for the core in the products by Bronkhorst. This company manufactures mass flow meters. Mass flow meters measure and control mass flow and pressure.


Resistors for chassis assembly

We have been manufacturing resistors for chassis assembly for many years. These resistors are used to maintain a certain temperature – higher than the ambient temperature – in an installation cabinet to prevent condensation from forming in the cabinet.

About Huyser

Resistor specialist

Technical company Huyser is specialised in resistors. We manufacture shunts, sensors, wire resistors, resistor arrays and Pt 100 simulators. We can accommodate a wide variety of applications and client specifications. Thanks to our flexibility, we can supply both small orders and larger series.

Huyser has everything under one roof

Huyser has a production department with cutting-edge computerised winding machines. We have the following machines available in our mechanical workshop:

  • Laser cutting machine
  • CNC milling machine
  • Orbitale laser machine
over huyser

''We have our own conditioned measuring chamber with extremely accurate and calibrated measuring equipment for resistance measurements''

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