Wire resistors

Standard wire resistors available for purchase from wholesalers may not be a perfect fit. For each application, we can create a tailor-made resistor. This is ideal for vital installations. Huyser Draadweerstanden delivers tailor-made wire resistors on request. No matter the type of wire resistors you need and no matter the amount you need, we will provide the appropriate solution of the highest quality.


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Wire resistors are often one of many links in a larger system. For example, wire resistors can be found in medium voltage and high voltage installations. While they may seem like a small link in a larger whole, the entire installation could be affected if the wire resistors fail. We work to produce the perfect resistors based on the customer's requested specifications. Our experienced specialists can tell you which type of resistor is suitable for which application.

Wire resistors

We produce various types of resistors at the request of our customers, our clients. We supply the resistors as a low-induction product. Wire resistors can be divided into load resistors and precision resistors. For example, wire-wound load resistors should be used for medium-voltage and high-voltage installations. To measure the current within measuring circuits, you need precision resistors. Wire-wound precision resistors are available as high-resistance and low-resistance resistors.

Low-resistance, wire-wound, precision resistors are also called shunt resistors. These can usually be found in installations where current is measured. Shunt resistors are used as terminating resistors in current transformers and in multimeters. Their use in a specific application is what distinguishes them from other precision resistors. Special shunt resistors are made for some applications, such as measuring alternating current in complex manufacturing processes.

Made to order

Huyser Draadweerstanden specializes in producing tailor-made high resistance, wire-wound precision resistors. We are the only company in the Netherlands that can accurately manufacture and deliver these wire resistors. DIY stores and builder's merchants do not stock tailor-made resistors. Quality is a relatively important aspect of resistors. If a resistor does not meet the required specifications, it will also be less effective. We can guarantee quality by providing tailor-made wire resistors to you.

We are the people to call for the calibration of all precision resistors. In the case of precision resistors, whether we manufactured them or not is of no concern. We also calibrate resistor arrays, simulators, and resistors that we produced, repaired, or checked. All of this is done in our conditioned measuring room, which contains precisely calibrated measuring equipment. The Huyser Draadweerstanden standard includes standards for resistance and temperature. This can be directly traced to the national standard.

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Wire resistors from 1 to 50,000

On the basis of the specifications provided by you, we manufacture wire resistors. Our service is customized from A to Z, as you don't have to order or purchase a minimum number of resistors. Huyser Draadweerstanden is well known for its great flexibility. The fact that we supply both small numbers of units and larger series is the perfect example of this.

If you would like more information about wire resistors, please feel free to contact Huyser Draadweerstanden free of obligation. We are a specialist (ISO-certified) in resistors, and we produce wire resistors, sensors, shunts, and resistor arrays. In 1953, Technisch Bedrijf Huyser began manufacturing resistor elements used in heating cigar boxes. Huyser Draadweerstanden has developed into a manufacturer of quality products, and enjoys an excellent reputation both domestically and internationally.

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We are a technical company specialized in producing various types of resistors for different applications. From shunts to Pt 100 simulators, we supply single units as well as larger series.

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