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Resistors for safe rail traffic

Huyser resistors are used in the Netherlands Railways ATC system. This train control system helps the train driver to duly reduce speed in case of railway signals. It was introduced nationally after a fatal train crash in 1962 near Harmelen to prevent these accidents from happening in future.

Since then, the Huyser resistors have been widely implemented in the Dutch rail network.

project veilig treinverkeer

The core of the mass flow meters by Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V.

Huyser is responsible for the core in the products by Bronkhorst. This company manufactures mass flow meters. Mass flow meters measure and control mass flow and pressure. They are used in petrochemistry, for instance, but also in healthcare and the energy sector. Huyser supplies the sensors.

Bronkhorst and Huyser are working closely together on the development of the mass flow meters. Bronkhorst sets the bar very high for the Huyser sensors. In return, Huyser utilises its expertise to improve the products made by Bronkhorst.

project mass flow meters

Resistors for chassis assembly

We have been manufacturing resistors for chassis assembly for many years. These resistors are used to maintain a certain temperature – higher than the ambient temperature – in an installation cabinet to prevent condensation from forming in the cabinet.

project chassismontage

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