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Mission, vision and core values


Technical Company Huyser is an efficient, reliable manufacturer of wire resistors, sensors, shunts and resistor arrays.

Thanks to 65 years of experience and a high degree of flexibility, we are an efficient and reliable partner. We strive for a long-lasting relationship with all our national and international clients.

We strive to minimise the undesired effects of our business activities on humans and the environment, and we work hard to be a good employer to our staff.


Technical Company Huyser wishes to become an even more sustainable business. We are focusing on long-term innovation, continuity and profitability. With a permanent group of employees and existing clients, we wish to supply sustainable products as well as achieve sustainable business operations.

Core values

Quality, Flexibility, Reliability, Expertise, Innovation, Continuity and Sustainability.

over huyser

 ''We have our own conditioned measuring chamber with extremely accurate and calibrated measuring equipment for resistance measurements''

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